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Synchrony Dialogues with MOHAN Foundation – “Organ Donation – How can you help us’”

On October 15, 2020, MOHAN Foundation organized a Synchrony Dialogues webinar titled, “Organ Donation – How can you help us?” as part of following up and addressing inquiries of huge number of audiences after the founder of MOHAN Foundation, Dr. Sunil Shroff as Karamveer in the KBC episode broadcasted on Sony Entertainment television. This webinar was held specially to address the queries of the interested pupils who are willing to join the Foundation in supporting organ donation.

Mr. Siva Shankar, Marketing Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai, who was one of the speakers also moderated the session by introducing other speakers as Dr. Sumana, Course Director, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai and Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance Officer, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai. The session began with playing a video clip about the scope of Transplant Coordination, the genesis of Transplant Coordinators’ course by MOHAN Foundation and increased number of organ donation consents in the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai, by the efforts of MOHAN Foundation trained Transplant Coordinators.

Afterward, Mr. Siva Shankar gave an overview to the audience about the e-learning courses on Transplant Coordination including the One-day Online course: Gift of Life (currently running), One-month e-learning course: Transplant Coordinators’ Professional Certificate (starts on November 2) and the Post Graduate Diploma in Transplant Coordination and Grief Counselling (one-year course).

Dr. Sumana also spoke about the “Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme ” saying that it’s the first structured course in South Asia and that the candidates from across the world are benefited by this e-learning programme. She added that the training on Transplant Coordination offered by the MOHAN Foundation has greatly contributed for the deceased donation activities in different parts of the country.

Dr. Hemal then addressed the question, “How can one join us to support organ donation? She said that:

  • One can become a student volunteer (after undergoing a training at MF) – intervene in schools through school projects, NCC & NSS projects and online competitions
  • One can become an Ambassador for Organ Donation after gaining knowledge through One-day online certificate course, “Gift of Life” – conduct information kiosks, signature campaigns, community driven awareness campaigns, special exhibitions, rallies & marathons and many other creative programs to support the cause
  • One can write blogs, articles and stories for the cause that shall be published in Foundation’s website
  • One can intern (not less than a month) with MF irrespective of their streams – create research projects, training tools, awareness posters (in many languages)
  • One can become a life member of MOHAN Foundation – take part in Foundation’s programs, webinars and events

As she closed her talk, she informed the audience about the toll-free helpline number. Mr. Siva Shankar at that point wrapped up the meeting by repeating the maxim Dr. Sunil Shroff had referenced in the KBC Karamveer episode, “Death isn’t an end, it’s the beginning of a new life.”

During the meeting a few questions were raised by the audience, such as :

  • Do the volunteers have to find an audience too?
  • How can we participate in these kinds of campaigns?